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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Off to Portugal

This blog will probably slow down as tomorrow I head off to Portugal for 2 months. I don't know how often I will be able to access the internet but I will update whenever I can. Anyway One-eye and friends adventures will stop until September now sorry (unless I capture anything tonight). Until then, have a great summer.

Friday, 24 June 2011

London Calling

Last week after my exams I spent a few days in London, the countries capital. It was my first visit there. I found a South African shop with droewors and fanta grape! My favourite building was, no surprises here, South Africa House. The building looks over Trafalgar Square and has kudu and buffalo stone carvings all over it. I didn't take any photos in the city but did take my camera to Howletts zoo. The zoo has my favourite animal there, the ratel (or honey badger). Here are some of the many photos I took.

Bush Pigletts

Honey badger running

long expose of running ratel

Silverback lowland gorilla

2 Lynx

Calling lynx

Ratel again

snow leopard

Wild dogs/painted wolf

Gelada Monkey

Black rhino

Another honey badger shot

last ratel

I like honey badgers!

In conclusion I like honey badgers but would rather see them in the wild (in South Africa). Also I couldn't live in a city, too many people, too much concrete, too grey, too nosiy, no animals. It was nice too see though.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Barney, In Colour! Also a Washing Patch

I put the camera out a little early last night as the last of the sun was disappearing. Barney showed up and here you can see his colouration. 

Barney in Colour!

Flash also appeared but later in the night. He looked a little startled and kept looking to the right somewhere. Nothing showed on the trap from coming over there. It may have been a car on the lane.

An alert Flash.

Patch returned and decided he needed a wash. I think he looks like a baby ratel (meles capenis). It may be my imagination running wild though. Anyone else think it looks like one? I'm determined to see one although I doubt I will here.

Baby ratel (or just Patch)

Patch wash.

Anyway just over a fortnight until my Portugal placement starts. Cant wait! I will try and update here if I can get internet access. Untill then stay tuned.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Baby Woody

We had a baby greater spotted woodpecker in the garden today but he proved very difficult to photograph. I managed to get these two but they aren't great but you do see him. He was with an adult bird and flew back and too across the field. His red colouring is a pinkish colour at the moment but that will change. He did look like a lesser spotted with his size at first. I will try and get a better shot tomorrow.

The baby in a tree

The baby with an adult.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Anyway You Want It

 A non nature/photography update today sorry. Yesterday I went with my mother to Birmingham NEC LG arena to see some rock music. It was to see 3 big bands, Styx, Foreigner and my favourite Journey. THe whole show was great and the artists are amazing. As it was in Birmingham one of styx members said: "As we are in Birmingham there is one thing we have to do (sings) "WAR PIGS GATHERED IN THERE MASSES," thats all we know". Anyone wondering its a line from black sabbaths war pigs who are a famous Birmingham band. 




 And me!:

Thursday, 2 June 2011

New View

I moved the camera last night to a higher  position up the fence. didnt get much as its a little too high but I will show you this one of Oneeye. Others where of her too and a mysterious animal who only appeared as moving grass (its a boring video so its not here).