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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

HDR and Full Free Photmatix Software

 I have wanted to get into HDR (high dynamic range) photography for a while but the software was quite expensive. My Canon eos 70d has a built in HDR mode but the effects have been disappointing. Yesterday I was in the supermarket when I saw a magazine that had a free full copy of photomatix which was one of the pieces of software I looked at. I picked the magazine up and downloaded the software. I decided to give it a try today since it was stormy and produced a nice sky. The process works by combining 5 images and keeps all the details from both the shadows and highlights. The effects vary but I prefer a little bit more HDR effect than a natural image. The images are taken in the camera using exposure bracketing mode which is 5 images automatically taken at the different exposures. Below are my results from today. Take a look and scroll down to see about the free software.

As far as I can tell anyone can download the software if you have the code. The code seems a generic one and not unique per magazine reader. If you would like to try and see if it works head to this link http://www.hdrsoft.com/download/dpmag/ .
In the access code box enter PDM112014
The software is available for free until December 9th 2014. I recommend getting the magazine though as it has some handy guides on HDR technique and how to use the free full photmatix software. The magazine is called Digital Photo and it is the November 2014 issue. (Link to magazine site)

Monday, 6 October 2014

North Cornwall Natural Timelapse

Over the last month I have been having fun with my gopro mainly making time-lapse videos. I also made a rotating tripod for this to give some movement. I like the effect of movement in a time-lapse but it is so hard to do manually which is why I made the rotating attachment. For this time-lapse I sabot around North Cornwall and made sure only natural objects appear. This was rather difficult since wire, roads, people, an buildings just to name a few are littered across the landscape. I hope I didn't catch any and this is a true natural time-lapse. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Damselflies and Spiders

Last week I visited RSPB Arne to do some birding hopping to see an osprey but was unsuccessful. I did see a few dartford warblers but one of the highlights was a spider. I was watching some dragonflies and damselflies by a pond. While watching two mating damselflies lay eggs the UK's largest native spider, the raft spider, paid a visit. From under the water a raft spider pounced on the female laying the eggs. A second spider came rushing in to joint the attack. The male damselfly decided that the battle was lost and left the female to the spiders. The spiders then fought each other for the female damselfly. In the end one spider got a good meal.