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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Feeder Cam Number 2

The other day my dad found an old web cam which I had wanted to put indide the bird box. As there are now a family of blue tits with young in the box (who I can here when I go past it) this is no longer an option. Instead the camera was put on some of the feeders. The quality isn't great as its an old camera but the images are nice anyway.

To join the camera to the computer a 5m usb extender was used allowing the images to be taken from in the huse and not disturbing the birds. This is not the first time I have taken close ups of birds on feeders. Last attempt was from inside the feeder (Link) and won me BBC photographer of the month (Link). I dont however think that these will be winning any prizes.

Female chaffinch looking away

Goldfinch enjoying some nyger seed

Female house sparrow looking the right way

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hovering Buzzard

Its been a bit quiet on here for a week as there has not been anything of too much interest on the camera except for the regulars eating. No special or unusual behaviour worth posting. I did however see an unusual sight from my front room the other day so I grabbed my camera and made a short film. It was a buzzard hovering. It kept doing it so it wasn't a one off action. In fact I have seen him now numerous times in the week hovering. Its unusual for such a big bird to hover.

If anyone else has information on hovering buzzards please let me know.


Monday, 21 May 2012

Honey for the Badger

I have been too Poole and London last week so there where no posts. Today here are some videos captured from before I went away but had not uploaded.

The food we put out was what was left in the fridge before going away covered in honey. The foxes, Othereye and one now named Diamond Socks due to the diamond markings on his feet, enjoyed the hone and by the looks of it so did Flash the badger.

In the next clip if you look in the background you can see Diamond Socks lingering. There where other videos of the two feeding but I decided not to upload as they take a long time to upload. Flash seems to be struggling with the honey sticking to her.

And finally Barney raising her hair as Diamond Socks takes some food from in front of her.

In other news I finished my BSc Zoology degree today. I now just have to wait until August for the results but I feel positive.

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Three Foxes

In my last post on Flash I said there was a new easy to distinguish fox, well here is that fox. This fox reminds me of my favourite fox, Oneeye, how you can see here (link). The reason for this is obvious when you watch the clip.

This fox has been christened Othereye. This is simple because the eye missing is different to Oneeye. I thought at first it was Oneeye. Then I saw how big this one was and the wrong eye was missing.

Othereye is already very confident. Here in the next clip he snaps at a passing fly. I like to think this one is related to Oneeye who was also very confident but I have no evidence to base this on. I would like this new guy to stick around to get to know him better.

Two other foxes also visited, this one, who I watched out the window with my nightvison scope. He is fairly confident too. I cant see any way to distinguish him or her yet but if it sticks around hopefully I will.

This next one was only present for one clip in the msit. The coat seems very dark, almost black. I have seen about black foxes being found in the UK on T.V. Maybe this one is. If it comes back hopefully we can get a better view without the mist.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

An Old Face: Back in a Flash

After the disappointment f next doors garden from my last post I decided to return the camera to its normal location at the end of the garden. This time I was not disappointed. There was plenty of activity out there last night. A new fox as well as an old face turned up. This post is on the old face, Flash the badger.

For those who don't know Flash is a badger with a white stripe above his (or her as you will see) left eye. You can read more on Flash here to catch up (link).

This first video is of her running up to the garden. You can see she is steaming, as always. She probably crosses the river to get to here each night. It seems an excessive amount of steam to be coming off her. If anyone else has badgers do they see this steam? It is on her all the time.

The previous video shows it is her by the small white stripe over her left eye. I don't know if by uploading the video the quality has been reduced or not. Trust me though if you cannot see it, it is there.

She enjoyed the treat of bread and honey (a honey badger!) and you can hear her sniffing around the camera in the next clip.

This last clip shows how you can tell she is a she. Her teats are full meaning she has cubs (or kits as they are also know) somewhere nearby. Hopefully before June we may see them. Its good to know that there are more badgers around not only Flash.

Thats all from Flash tody. Its good to have her back. My next post, scheduled for tomorrow, is about the foxes from last night. There is a new fox with a distinguishing feature similar to my favourite fox. Find out what it is in the next post.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Next Doors Garden

In my last post I mentioned That I had put the camera in next doors garden as I heard some foxes out there. Today I went to pick the camera up after a week of it being in the field. I was disappointed to find only one capture the whole time. Well a few captures happened in the heavy rain, so heavy the camera picked the rain up as motion. The only thing was captured was a lone red fox rushing past the camera. 

The plants grew so quick out there so they may have covered the sensor. You can see from a video of just after I set it up how low the plants are. The second video showing the fox (blink and you will miss him) you can see how high the plants are. They where even higher today when I collected the camera.

Low plants

Quick fox and high plants

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spider Nest

The other night in the garden next door the foxes where very vocal. It sounded like they may have had cubs. So today I asked my neighbour if I could put the camera in the bottom of her garden by the river. I choose an area by the river by a game trail. If the foxes don't show hopefully something will, maybe even an otter. 

As I was putting my welly's away in the shed I noticed a nest of tiny yellow spiders. I got my USB microscope out and did a small recording of the nest. They spiders are a nice bright yellow colour. I like to see all sorts of nature and this was a nice new sample to record.

If you don't like spiders then don't watch as there are a lot of them in a bundle.

I will get the camera at the weekend leaving it for a few days and load anything that it sees on here.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Road or River?

Today I was going to put up some more footage from the camera trap but instead I have something else. The weather when I got up was nice and sunny but by midday the heavens opened and the rain fell more heavy than I have seen it here before. The front garden was flooded and the road was turned to a river with a water fall. I wrapped my camera in a plastic bag and went out into the lane. You can hear the rain falling on the camera and see the flood. This was only after an hours rain. 

I have more footage from the Bushnell to load up here so they will be up soon. Plenty to show of the foxes.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Funny Birds: Yellowhammer

Just a short post. Here is another funny bird to add to the collection. (Link)

Friday, 4 May 2012

They Keep On Coming

The camera was back out again this time on my preferred mode of video (with audio). No badger last night unfortunately but there where two foxes, the same shy one from the other night and a big gut maybe Rommel or Boxer. As I said in my last post the characters should start to emerge and identification of individuals will be possible. So for the next month and a half fox watch is back on and hopefully some old faces will show up.

The last video is of a magpie at first light. You can hear the dawn chorus in full flow. Compared to the video from the other day (link) which had the dusk chorus you can see how loud and varied the dawn calls are.

Still nervous.

The big guy.

Listen to the dawn chorus, I can id, robin, blackbird, chiffchaff and great tit on there as well as many others I don't know. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Picture Perfect

 Well the video mode works on my new Bushnell as seen from yesterdays post and so I thought I would try out photo mode. I put the camera onto photo mode on 8mp to see the quality and put it on the fence overlooking the field in its usual spot.

The first visitor last night was a familiar one, Barney, the barn cat. I haven't seen here in the daylight for a while so thought she had finally gone home but no she is still about. She is looking very well and a bit fat. maybe her owner overfeeds her. I don't like her being around here in the day as we are starting to have the baby birds in the garden now.

Barney sniffing around
Next up was the fox who was filmed the night before. He only stayed around briefly and as seen by the video is a nervous little guy. I'm glad he is wary of us as some of the farmers around here are not too nice to foxes. The farmer who owns the field here is friendly to foxes and lets them feed from his apple trees too. I hope to see more of him in the coming weeks.

Shy little guy

The only problem with nocturnal creatures is they are out at night and only caught on infra-red images which show no colour. However this morning after the sun had come up one of the foxes on his way home for the day stopped by for one last snack before bed. Its nice to be able to see the orange brown colour of the coat rather than a white image.

A red, red fox

The field is home to a small flock of six sheep. This morning one of them noticed something new to look at. My camera proved only a passing interest for this guy before he moved off to find something more interesting which he could eat.

Close up on a sheep
I prefer to see the animals captured moving so from now on its mostly video mode. expect plenty more films to follow. I will try an identify the individuals coming and going like I used to when One-eye was around.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

In Your Own Words

Just a quick post. I have now added a translate option at the top of the blog. Now people of different languages can read my blog in their native tounge. There is a whole range on there from Afrikaans to Welsh. If anyone tries this feature can you let me know if it is any good?

Top left of the blog, just select your language from the list.

Cameratrap: Back in Action

After the problems I had with the keepguard camera I ended up going for the more well know make, the bushnell. This arrived yesterday and after testing it out last night I am pleased with it. I am also pleased to see we still have our nocturnal visitors around. 

I set the camera up while it was still light as I was excited to use it. I captured a few shots of the magpies feeding before they returned to roost. A nice feature on this camera that my old one didn't have is a microphone. On the first video you can hear the dusk chorus in the background. 

This next video is of one of the most regular nigh time visitor species, a red fox. I can't identify him as one of the old regulars, partly because I haven't seen them for a while and also as this one has no distinguishing features. He is a bit shy and nervous so he didn't stay around too long.

Our final visitor was the badger. I hope this is Flash although I didn't get a good enough view to confirm this. hopefully over the next few nights he will return to confirm or disprove this. With the badger you can hear him snuffling around looking for something good to eat. I like this new feature and cant wait to see what else is captured to listen to.

So its back to camera trapping for the next 2 months. Come July the camera and me will be in South Africa capturing some different wildlife footage.