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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bio-florescent Green Turtles

A few weeks ago I discovered green turtles bio-fluoresce under uv light. For those uncertain what bio-florescence is, it is when a light is absorbed and emitted as a different colour. Why turtle do it its not know. Scorpions more famously show the same characteristic. 

I went back this weekend with my camera at uv torch at the ready. This one was heading back to the sea so I tried and got these images. This phenomenon was only discovered in 2015 and then only with hawksbill turtle. These photos confirm green turtles too bio-fluoresce. You can see that the sand does not glow in any way (neither do I when I tried to see if I "glow"). Its not know if its the turtle or algae glowing with hawksbills.  Still so much to learn about nature.