Ascension Island Green Mountain

Cornwall Lane 360 Video!

360 Video of the Congo Rainforest Flooding

360 Video of Deadvlei, Namibia.

Gabon by Boat, Jeep and Barge.

DIY Gopro Dome Port: Sample Images.

Off to Ascension

Namibian Dinosaur

Animals of Gabon

Pangolin Statue 360 View

Partial Cave Bear Jaw 360 View

Ozonjuitji M'Bari Waterhole, Etosha, Namibia

Penhallam Manor Reconstruction

Spring is Here: A Video Montage

This is not Ambergris

Is This Ambergris?

Elephant Investigates GoPro

Namibia 2.5d Parallax

Black and White Images

Special Book Price for 72 Hours.

Spring is Springing

Edge of the Desert Trailer

Edge of the Desert

Magnified Ross's Turaco Feathers

Magnified Teal Feathers

Magnified Flamingo Feathers

Magnified Congo Peacock Feathers

Magnified Black Bee-eater Feathers

Golden-Bellied Mangabey: Animal Fact Series Part 5

Round Island Petrel: Animal Fact Series Part 4

African Forest Elephant: Animal Fact Series Part 3

Round Island Boa: Animal Fact Series Part 2

The Bonobos: Animal Fact Series Part 1

Free Book Preview

Bonoboalive: Protecting Bonobos in the Wild

Illustrations From My Book