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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

"Echoes of an Empty Land", Paperback Out Now

So after a year of waiting it is finally here "Echoes of an Empty Land", the sequel to the 2016 "Edge of the Desert" is on amazon as paperback (kindle edition coming soon). If you enjoyed the first book please take a look at my latest novel. Below is the synopsis of the book.
"After surviving being stalked by a pride of man eating lions and discovering diamonds Johan and Henry return once more to the sands of the Namib. However word soon gets out that a new diamond cache has been uncovered outside of British territory. With the diamond magnates now searching for the mine the second Boer war breaks out. Men’s loyalties are tested, as they must decide whether to stay or whether to fight. From the sands of the Namib to the chaotic Boer War battlefields and the comfort of Cape Town the men of the Sansa mine must fight to survive in the empty land."